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Dogs are wonderful! 

There's good reason for them being called Man's best Friend.  We love them, they love us.

Dogs are truly amazing animals. They have been bred and raised by humans for thousands of years, and the bond we share with them is unique in its depth and complexity. Whether we see our dogs as beloved companions, furry family members, or just good friends, there's no denying that they bring joy to our lives every day. In fact, it's hard to imagine what we would do without them. Dogs are loyal and dependable; they offer us comfort, laughter, love, and joy at all times. No matter what hardships we face or what challenges we must overcome, a dog is always there by our side - ready to lift our spirits and bring us a little bit of happiness. So yes, dogs truly are wonderful! And we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Of course, living with dogs can also be a bit of a challenge at times. They can be messy and destructive, chewing furniture, digging in the yard, or jumping on guests when they come over. In addition, they can have certain behavioral quirks that may be difficult to manage. But despite all of these occasional problems, there is no question that owning a dog is one of the most rewarding things in life. Dogs are loyal companions who offer unconditional love and constant affection to their families, making them some of the greatest gifts we could ever hope for. So while raising and living with dogs may come with its share of difficulties at times, it is absolutely worth it for all of the joy and happiness that they bring into our lives every day.

We believe that every dog should be happy, so we've made it our mission to give pet parents great treats and products for their dogs. Our goal is simple: To make living with pets enjoyable while limiting hardship!

Our model can be seen as a pyramid, with the base laying the foundation for the next level. 

1. Good for the Planet. Environmentally sustainable. Without a healthy planet, what else matters - right?

2. Do no harm - no added chemicals, antibiotics or any other sensitivity or allergy inducing ingredients. 

3. Do good - only the best ingredients are good for your pet. Ethically raised and harvested novel proteins offer the most nutrient-rich meats in the world!  100% natural, high in protein, omega 3, 6 and 9's, low cholesterol and sodium. These novel proteins create the perfect base for fully hypoallergenic, yet nutritious treats. 

4. Boost the good - adding superfoods and homeopathic herbs and oils to our treats, soothing sensitive stomachs, relieving itches and minimizing inflammations.  

5. Desirable - to do real good, Treats need not only be health and good for your dog, but also be so desirable to stimulate and reinforce great behavior and be the reward they deserve, making you their hero. 

6. Adventure - let the adventures thrive.  

This philosophy is the foundation for all products we develop for you and we live by the motto: 

Good for Pets, Parents and Planet.

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